What type of sessions are available?

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We offer a variety of session types to suit your needs and preferences.

Sessions are paid by clinical hours – a clinical hour is equal to 50 minutes. The full fee is due at the time of the session unless clients have Canada Life, Green Shield or Pacific Blue Cross extended health benefits. These clients are only responsible for paying the difference, if there is one, between the session fee and the amount covered by their third party provider.


  • Initial Interview

    All new clients start with a one-hour initial interview. It is a way for Dr. Cook to become more familiar with your needs, and to make appropriate treatment recommendations.

    You will have completed the online application, Dr. Cook will have agreed to see you as a client, and you will have filled in either the online or paper and pencil version of the registration form BEFORE this interview.

    Initial Interview: $250 per hour

  • In-Person Session

    In-person sessions are one-on-one psychotherapy sessions with Dr. Cook.  It is for current or returning clients who have already had their initial interview. These sessions are offered on a one-hour weekly, biweekly or less frequent basis.

    In-person sessions: $250 per hour

  • Online Session

    Online sessions are like sessions in-person except it is conducted through a secure video conferencing program called Jane Online Appointments or Doxy, that is helpful in providing social distancing during COVID-19.  Please go to Jane to test your system in advance of the session.

    Online sessions: $250

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