We offer a variety of session types to suit your needs and preferences. Sessions are paid by clinical hours – a clinical hour is equal to 50 minutes.


Information Session

We recognize it’s not easy finding the right psychologist. The Aegis approach is to offer a 20 minute information session which lets you meet with Dr. Cook and get comfortable with the experience.

This session is not mandatory – it is a service offered free of charge for you to try out a session with Dr. Cook.

Initial Interview

All new clients start with an initial interview. It is a way for Dr, Cook to become more familiar with your needs, and to make appropriate treatment recommendations.

You will need to email Dr. Cook, or call any weekday morning, Monday through Thursday between 9:30 and 10:00 AM, and go through the intake process BEFORE booking this first session with him.

Initial Interview: $210 per hour

Ongoing Individual

One-on-one typically means the client meeting individually with the psychologist for psychotherapy. These sessions are offered in one-hour weekly, biweekly or less frequent sessions.

One-on-One sessions: $210 per hour

Ongoing Couples

Couples counselling happens when two partners get together. Couples counselling starts with initial, one-hour interviews with each partner, and develops into biweekly to monthly, 1.5-hour conjoint sessions.

Couple therapy sessions: $315

Cancellation Policy