Located in Victoria BC, Aegis helps clients cope with stress, anxiety, and emotional intensity issues.

Aegis means “safety or protection”, which is conveyed by the privacy and home-like atmosphere of the setting. In addition to offering sessions in a safe, comforting setting, we tailor treatments to suit your specific needs. A variety of session types are available including individual, couples, and group counselling sessions. Working with youth, adults and seniors, all of our clients enjoy a respectful and honest relationship with their psychologist.

About Dr. Cook

Dr. Cook has been practising psychology for over 40 years. His work focuses on helping those with stress and anxiety related conditions.  It begins with an assessment of each individual’s conditions, and the creation of a unique treatment plan that guides therapy, moving forward.

The Aegis Office

The Aegis office is cottage-like building located in a quiet residential area, with ample parking on site.  The private walkway of slate and thyme helps create a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere.  Once inside, if you haven’t had an opportunity to complete the registration forms, you will find a clipboard containing the forms on the reception counter. Help yourself to hot beverages and cookies while you wait.